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Carl Fisher(1), Barbara Shao(1), Maria Rey(1), Linda Lopez(1), Marc Yves Chalom(2)

Thermo Fisher Scientific, 1-Sunnyvale, CA, USA, 2-São Paulo, SP, BR

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Running any column at increased flow rates may cause a decrease in peak resolution. However, the superior chromatographic fidelity achieved using the new 4 μm columns minimizes such losses, to provide better separation of ions in complex matrices. Faster flow rates reduce run time and increases productivity when multiple samples are being analyzed, but back pressure is also increased, which is typically >3000 psi. To take advantage of the benefits of 4 μm columns, they should be combined with a high-pressure instrument which can operate continuously at up to 5000 psi using eluent generation. This study demonstrates that 4 μm columns combined with a high-pressure ion chromatography system achieve efficient separations and fast analyses.
Inorganic anions in fruit juice, wine, or drinking and waste water samples were separated using a Dionex IonPac™ AS11-HC-4μm column or Dionex IonPac AS18-4μm anion-exchange column in standard and microbore formats. The Dionex IonPac CS19-4μm cation-exchange column was used to separate cation standards. These columns were used with a high-pressure Ion Cromatograph system. Eluent suppressors were operated either in recycle mode or external water mode, with suppressed conductivity detection.

Multiple inorganic anions and organic acids were separated in single runs of fruit juice and wine samples, using a standard (4 mm i.d.) format Dionex IonPac AS11- HC-4μm column. Several of the separated components showed enhanced resolution of up to 68% using the 4 μm particle size column relative to the 9 μm counterpart. Inorganic anions in municipal drinking and waste water samples were separated within 5 min with resolution above 1.6 (EP) using a 4 μm particle size Dionex IonPac AS18-4μm microbore (2 mm i.d.) format column. Inorganic cations were eluted in less than 12 minutes by a combination of increased flow rate and an eluent gradient using the Dionex IonPac CS19-4μm, 4 mm i.d. column.